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Fighting back against allegations of Medicare fraud

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Medicare fraud is a serious accusation for Florida medical professionals and medical practices. If there is evidence this has taken place, it can lead to serious consequences, including the loss of your medical license and more. It’s in your interests to fight back against allegations of Medicare fraud and to take your situation seriously.

This specific type of fraud is complex, and you will find it beneficial to work with a legal ally who has specific experience in defending against it. It’s your job to provide quality medical care to your patients, and these allegations can stand between you and your professional goal. Fortunately, it is possible to fight back and work to defend your license and keep your criminal record clean. 

A basic understanding of Medicare fraud

There are a few different ways that Medicare fraud works. It is essentially making invalid claims for reimbursement from Medicare. It often takes place through a form of identity theft or using the number from a person’s Medicare card. Some of the most common variations of this specific type of fraud include:

  • Fraudulent patient billing — This happens when a patient works with his or her care provider, billing Medicare fraudulently in exchange for kickbacks.
  • Phantom billing — This happens when care providers bill Medicare for services they never actually provided or were unnecessary.
  • Uncoding and unbundling — This happens when insurance companies inflate the amount they bill to Medicare in order to receive adjusted payments.

There are both state and federal laws in place that criminalize Medicare fraud. If convicted of this type of fraud, not only will you lose your professional career, you may end up behind bars and find yourself unable to reenter the medical profession in various capacities in the future. 

Doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals can face accusations of Medicare fraud. Health care agencies, medical practices and various types of health facilities can also face legal trouble as a result of alleged Medicare fraud.

Protecting yourself 

If you find yourself in a position where you are facing accusations of this type of fraud, you would be wise to take quick action to build an appropriate defense strategy. Your career, reputation and even your personal freedom is at stake, but you do not have to fight back alone. You will find it beneficial to work with an attorney who understands what you are up against and can work diligently to shield your future interests.