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There is no such thing as an accidental white collar crime

by | Jul 5, 2019 | White Collar Crimes |

Many people think that all white collar crimes involve some intricate plan, but this might not be the case. There are some cases in which these criminal matters are fairly simple. There are a few points that anyone who is trying to learn more about these crimes should know.

One of the most important points about all of these crimes is that you can’t accidentally commit them. They all require purposeful actions. This can be important in some cases, but you can’t base a defense on ignorance so be sure to figure out whether you can work in the accidental aspect of your claim into your defense.

There are many different types of white collar crimes. The key that puts almost all of them together is that they involve money or other assets. Forgery, for example, is usually done for personal gain, usually of money or assets.

Mortgage fraud can mean that the person gets a home under false pretenses.

Embezzlement is the illegal taking of assets for personal use that you had access to for work.

Money laundering means trying to make illegal money appear legal.

Tax evasion means you are trying to get out of paying income taxes.

When you are facing this type of charge, remember that there is likely going to be ample evidence. Most white collar crimes have a paper trail that can tie the criminal activity to specific individuals. This is sometimes a good starting place for developing your defense strategy so be sure to look into all the possibilities before you decide on a final plan.