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Raise questions about the drunk driving case against you

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Any driver who gets out on the road should make sure they are in the proper condition to drive a vehicle. When they aren’t, others can suffer harm if there is an accident. This is the reason why drunk driving is illegal. If you have been consuming alcohol, make sure that you find another way home. This can help prevent you from having to deal with a criminal charge for driving drunk.

We know that there are sometimes situations that happen that could lead to a person operating a vehicle while they are impaired. If you are in this position, realize that there is a chance that you will be pulled over if you exhibit signs of impairment.

If you do face a criminal charge, you should learn about your options for a defense quickly. Oftentimes, there are multiple elements that come together in these cases to form the defense. This needs to address the points that the prosecutor is going to use against you. The goal of the defense is to raise enough questions about the claims against you so that there is reasonable doubt that you are guilty.

As you are learning about your defense options, we can help you find out how they might work together. One thing that we do is look at the case from the standpoint of the average juror. We consider how it might look to an outsider so that we know what adjustments we might need to make to the strategy. Throughout the process, we keep your goals in mind, so we can help you work toward those.