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September 2017 Archives

How do I reinstate my license after my first DUI?

If you just received your first DUI charge, you must consider how a conviction could affect your day-to-day life.One of the most common issues for those convicted of a DUI is the restriction placed on driving after a conviction. Even for first-time offenders, it is possible to lose driving privileges for anywhere from 180 days to a full year from the date of the conviction.

Is it legal to shoot an intruder in my home?

We often take it for granted that the law is on our side when an intruder breaks into our home. There are many factors that may be in play in this scenario, and in the heat of the moment, it is rarely possible to take the time to research your legal rights. Each state maintains different laws that define a person's rights in their home, and Florida is no different.

Sharing passwords may now have legal consequences

Complying with each and every regulation and law that pertains to corporate business is a daunting task. In fact, one new ruling is creating quite a bit controversy within certain business circles because of the implications it has for many end users who use password-protected services. Unfortunately, the laws that govern this particular area are still based on laws meant to protect entirely different systems and do not fully account for how the market has changed in the last couple of decades.

Charged with embezzlement? Here is what that means for you

Criminal charges are scary. You know that there is a lot at stake when you are facing any type of charge, and it can be useful to know what to expect in order to build an effective defense. This is also true of white-collar crimes, even though many people may underestimate the serious nature of these types of crimes.

Man gets road rage, fires gun into other driver's car

Weapons are very powerful tools that are also a great responsibility. In a moment of aggravation, a weapon may be the last thing you should involve to handle your situation. A man from Jupiter recently found this out the hard way when he succumbed to a moment of road rage and fired a gun at another driver.

Florida's fine structure for DUI offenses

In Florida, a person who receives repeated drunk driving charges may face escalating fines and other punishments. No matter what the circumstances of your DUI charges, it is always wise to do everything you can to fight them. Even if you believe that the evidence against you is insurmountable, you may have more options than you realize. With the guidance of an experienced defense attorney, you can examine the circumstances surrounding your charges and determine a strong defense.

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