Violation of University Code of Conduct Defense

The attorneys at Lindsey & Ferry, P.A., stand ready to represent students facing disciplinary action at universities and colleges throughout Florida. Our attorneys are experienced in defending college students facing code of conduct violations.

Facing a disciplinary process without adequate representation can lead to irreparable damage to your academic career and future professional career. It is imperative to call an experienced attorney immediately upon receiving notice of the disciplinary action from the school. Our attorneys will work with you to help ensure that you receive all the rights afforded to you by the law and present the best possible defenses to the allegations.

Students facing code of conduct violations at public universities in Florida are not allowed to be "defended" by a lawyer during the hearings. Instead, the students are expected to speak for and defend themselves during the hearings. It is vital to hire attorneys with the skills and experience necessary to serve as your advisor during the process. Our attorneys will prepare you for the challenges that come with presenting your own defense. We will work with you to perfect your arguments, presentation, and persuasive abilities prior to the hearing. We also sit at our clients' sides during the hearings to advise them as to each question asked and topic broached. Your education is too important to risk going into a code of conduct violation hearing by yourself. At Lindsey & Ferry, P.A., we stand ready to advise you in all aspects of your code of conduct defense, and to be at your side during all stages of the process.