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Title IX Violations Defense

Title IX is intended to protect against sex discrimination in education programs or activities that receive federal funding. Nearly every public university falls under that umbrella, and is, therefore, subject to Title IX enforcement. Students or professors accused of a Title IX violation face immense consequences if the allegations are substantiated. Violations of Title IX can lead to immediate expulsion from school, termination from employment, revocation of tenure, as well as collateral consequences that reach far beyond the academic career. In certain cases, even an allegation of Title IX violation can lead to criminal prosecution.

Title IX cases are handled differently than other violations of college or university codes of conduct. Title IX violations always involve a component of sexual discrimination or harassment, and frequently include allegations of sexual misconduct. Due to the nature of Title IX accusations, most students accused of Title IX violations are facing expulsion as the punishment if the Title IX allegations are substantiated; and most professors or faculty members are facing termination and revocation of tenure as the punishment if the Title IX violations are substantiated.

If you or your child is accused of a Title IX violation, it is imperative to hire an attorney with the legal acumen and experience necessary to advise you on all aspects of the disciplinary process. Our attorneys at Lindsey, Ferry & Parker, P.A., are not only knowledgeable and experienced in defending students and professors accused of Title IX violations against expulsion, but are also respected criminal defense attorneys who can help you navigate around potential criminal prosecution.

The attorneys at Lindsey and Ferry, P.A. have immense experience defending students against Title IX accusations. Our Lawyers have a proven track record of helping students avoid expulsion and professors avoid termination and loss of tenure. We stand ready to defend you against sex discrimination in both Title IX hearings, and when necessary, in criminal court.